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We also offer Group Training for traders across the globe.

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1-on-1 coaching is highly involved and requires a high degree of commitment, from both the trader as well as the trading coach, therefore it is not for everyone, depending on what stage of your trader development you are at. 

Most traders know that they have to do something to improve their trading, but they are not clear on what specifically it is as yet. The key benefit of group training is that traders can learn a lot from each other, and webinars are an efficient way to teach the fundamental principles, the mental strategies and emotional control techniques that every trader should have implemented as part of their daily routine if they want to achieve superior performance.

The feedback I receive from many of my High Performance Trading Mindset Mastery Traders is, that listening to other’s challenges and more importantly learning how they were able to push trough those, is helping everyone tremendously in their own performance improvement. 

One of the key elements of success in any endeavor is consistency. It is the daily practice of habits and routines that will make or break a trader. However, this is also very challenging, if not almost impossible to achieve when trading isolated on your own. Every highly profitable trader I have ever worked with had some sort of team they would work with, that would help them stay on track and have their back when trading gets tough.

Whilst private one-on-one coaching sessions have their place in terms of helping a trader releasing unconscious self-sabotaging behavioral patterns, unearthing limiting beliefs and building confidence, it is not enough to help a trader on their quest to superior performance.

The real results are created in the follow through on your daily routines and habits, to do your preparation each day even though you are tired, to do your daily trade analysis even though you thoroughly stuffed up and don’t want to look at your trades, to every day get up and be committed to living up to your standards and expectations of yourself no matter what!

Institutional traders, such as prop traders, hedgefund traders, bank traders have this kind of support, traders working alone from home need this support to create the environment for success, and this is, as well as the opportunity to learn from other trader’s questions about their mistakes and successes, is what our MasterMind group helps you with.

To find out more about the Trading Mindset Mastery Group Training please click here: