“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” – William James

Most traders battle with a trading mindset that severely impacts their trading results. This is deeply concerning to me and I came to think maybe there is something more to it.

Therefore I teamed up with Etienne Crete from www.DesireToTrade.com and we designed a brand new training that incorporates everything a forex trader needs to succeed.

If you are serious about becoming a professional trader (a person who derives the majority of their income solely from trading), then this course is for you.

The 12 Week Forex & Trading Psychology Mastery Program is designed to help you overcome every obstacle that has been keeping you from achieving the Trading Success you dream about. 

This webinar training is for you if 

  • You believe you would be a more successful trader, if only you could be more disciplined and patient.

  • If you feel frustrated because you keep giving back your profits

  • If you are stuck in a rut right now, because you keep sabotaging your trading results.

  • If you feel worried and a bit hopeless, because you messed up financially

  • If you have good income but no money

  • If you struggle in other areas of your life

  • If you feel your financial literacy and numeracy are insufficient 

  • If your current mindset is not conducive for making prudent decisions in trading

  • If you have been blowing up more than 2 trading banks.

  • If you feel you have potential blocks

  • If you finally want to break through your own glass ceiling

  • Or if you are simply curious and open to learn more about yourself and what makes you ‘tick’

So, the 12 Week Forex & Trading Psychology Mastery Program will definitely give you the clarity you are looking for. We will show you why you keep giving your hard earned profits back and how you can start to capture those opportunities …

This training is really a transformational program. You will once and for all be able to understand and go deeper than anyone else has been able to in a very short time to help pull out those unconscious blocks that are stopping you from going out there and becoming the trader you really want to be.

So, ask yourself this question, do I really want this shift, do I really want this change in my trading?

And if you are willing to do the work, if you lift the weights, then we are here to help direct you in the area to where your focus will be. Because if you do , this  is here for you, there is no coincidence that this is showing up today.

Unlock your trading potential, understand why you might sabotaging yourself, and how to break that habit., how to bring profits in and actually keep it.

We promise you, it will be an absolute game changer for you.


 Ready to join us? 

So, a few days ago, I met up with Etienne Crete from www.desiretotrade.com on google hangouts where we discussed during complete live workshop what the 3 Pillars To Full-Time Forex Trading Success are.

The replay is available here:

>> Click here to watch the replay!

To our surprise, we ended up chatting for nearly 3 hours…which is awesome because we could answer everyone questions in detail.

Etienne had invited me as a guest on his Desire To Trade Podcast, and I hope that his listeners learned some useful tools that helped transform their trading. (you can find the recording here:


So Etienne and I decided to team up and bring you the power of coaching in a complete customized program at an affordable price.

The best part? We’re about to get started!


The Complete Forex Trading Psychology Mastery Program

4 Week Program for $197 per month only!

Over the course of the next 12 weeks, Etienne and I will be hosting a 3 live programs on trading psychology & Forex trading. The goal of this program is to help you accomplish the following:

The goal of this program is to help you accomplish the following:

  • Build Solid Beliefs That Empower YOU As A Trader

  • Stop Paying For So Many Courses & Instead Acquire The Mindset Of High Performing Traders

  • Organize A Complete & Tested Forex Trading Methodology


How This Program Works

Forex Trading Psychology Program - Dates

You’ll notice that each lesson of the program is followed by a Mentoring session. That’s because we want to be supportive in helping you apply what is being taught.

As with any course/coaching program, learning isn’t enough. You must apply if you truly want to see results. Etienne and I know that!

And that’s why we decided to host a mentoring session as part of the Forex Trading Psychology Program every 2 weeks, to help you implement what you have learnt.

It is not the knowledge that will transform your trading results, it is the implementation of the knowledge.


Forex Trading Psychology Program - Format 1

Each session of the program will start with some action-steps to solidify your trading methodology and will be followed by trading psychology techniques you can use to transform your trading.

Here’s an outline of what will be covered during the Forex Trading Psychology Mastery Program:

Forex Trading Psychology Program - Format.002

See all the details here: Complete Program Information

Accessing The Recordings

Since you might have to refer back to this program in the future, your enrollment in the Forex Trading Psychology Mastery Program includes access to all the recordings inside the Desire To TRADE Member Dashboard.

If you miss a session of this program, you’ll be able to watch it on your own time from the same Dashboard.

Bonuses For Joining Today

#1: Online Trader Assessment

Online Trader Assessment

Along with this 12-week program, I will give you access to her Online Trader Assessment (valued at $199). This assessment has been created to help you identify which areas of your trading you have to work on the most.

We will use the Online Trader Assessment results during the Forex Trading Psychology Mastery Program to ensure that you focus your attention on the part of your trading that will lead to more results.

However, if there’s one thing I can be sure of it’s that trading psychology by itself – although very powerful – won’t be the ultimate solution to your trading success.

You’ll need to learn about money management, trading strategies, and more…

Most importantly, you’ll have to surround yourself with ambitious, driven, and motivated traders.

#2: Desire To TRADE Academy Elite

That’s the reason why, as a second bonus for joining today, you’ll receive an Elite Membership of the Desire To TRADE Academy. It’s the only program designed to help you develop the skills you need to travel the world while trading for others!

The Academy includes specific training on Etienne’s swing and day trading strategies as well as courses made with experts in their fields.

Here are the courses in the Academy (it grows every month!):

Desire To TRADE Academy

Ready To Get Started?

The thought of getting started on a 12-week Forex Trading Psychology Mastery Program might be overwhelming. I get that.

Change brings this feeling of uncertainty.

First, you probably invested in other courses and programs before. “How is this one different?”, you may ask.

Well, you won’t be learning from anyone…

I am a trader with more than 15 years of experience in the markets – I currently trade the German DAX & Forex. Among other coaching qualifications I am a certified NLP Master coach and trainer and have helped transform the lives of many traders by helping them develop a solid mindset.

Etienne had the chance to get to a point where he is trading for other people. In 2016, he received his first $50,000 in trading capital and has since then been developing that aspect of his trading while traveling the world.

In addition, you’ll get the support you need to see breakthroughs in your trading…

Think about all those courses you’ve taken before.

I bet you that, for some of them, you contacted the instructor and didn’t get any reply.

Or, say you got a reply, it was limited to 2-3 lines in an email. Is that really what you need?

Etienne and I favor a person-to-person approach where we discuss and get you to apply the concepts we teach.

In my opinion, that will always outperform email replies by far!

If you are ready to join, click the link below and you’ll be redirected to the checkout page.

Register Now! 3 monthly payments of $197

Etienne and I look forward to helping you transform your trading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Is This Program Good For Complete Beginners?

    A.Yes and no. This program has been outlined for those who have started to trade already. If you are completely new to trading, you’ll see that the trading methodology part of the program (taught by Etienne) will require more work from you. However, the trading psychology & mindset lessons will be very useful even for complete beginners.

  • Q.What If I Am Not Satisfied From The Program?

    A.No worries, the Forex Trading Psychology Mastery Program comes with a complete 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason this isn’t a good fit, email the support team at [email protected] and we’ll proceed to a full refund.

  • Q.What If I Cannot Attend A Session Of The Training?

    A.We understand that you might not be available for all the sessions of the Forex Trading Psychology Mastery Program. There will be a replay of the session uploaded a maximum of 24 hours after the end of a session to the Desire To TRADE Member Dashboard. From there, you’ll find all the resources mentioned and will be able to contact us for any questions!

  • Q.I Heard Trading Psychology Did Not Work. Is That True?

    A.Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation in the trading world. Some so-called “coaches” convince people that successful trading happens only because of one thing (often a trading system or software). The truth is, successful trading is built on 3 parts: Trading Strategy – Money Management – Mindset. The Forex Trading Psychology Mastery Program will help you develop both the proper mindset and a solid trading strategy. The bonus included will be there to complement what isn’t covered in the program.

  • Q.Will I Remain A Member Of The Desire To TRADE Academy Forever?

    A.Yes! The Desire To TRADE Academy Elite Membership is a lifetime membership, which means that you’ll get access to all the content inside the Academy as well as any course to be released in the future. I’m doing my best to make this Academy better every single day!

  • Q.Will I Be Charged After The Program Ends?

    A.No. The Forex Trading Psychology Mastery Program requires a monthly payment of $197 for the duration of the program (that’s $49.25/session!). After that, you’ll continue having access to all the content and the bonuses.