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Oct 21

Replay Webinar with Etienne

Replay from our intro session on Wednesday. It is a 2 1/2 hour webinar, we only talk about our upcoming training program during the last 15 min. We had fantastic feedback on it and hope you find it useful and helpful too.



Kickoff  Session 1 –  Wednesday 26 October, 2017

Time – 10.00 am Melbourne Time (= 8pm New York Time) – 11.00 am

Location – Online Webinar Training / Facebook Group / Online self paced homestudy

Price – $197

A$197 per month – this is only $47.50 per session!!   

 Ready to join us for this epic training? 3 monthly payments of $197

If you want more info please go here http://www.tradingpsychology.com.au/fx-psychology-mastery-program/

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