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We are a Trading Psychology and Peak Performance Training Company which offers specialist coaching and training services to independent traders, proprietary trading groups, brokerages and trading education providers.


mandi-pour-rafsendjaniMy job as your trading performance and psychology coach is to guide you through the process of discovering what works for you and what doesn’t.

At first most traders feel too stingy to pay for a coach or trading psychology training, and they have this thing of wanting to achieve things by themselves. But the day comes when you need to ask yourself if you want to stay stuck in being a hopeful hero or progress to being a professional trader and immediately let go of that false pride.


Considering the fact that the weakest link in the chain is the trader himself risk management is best applied before entering a trade. Trading is one big puzzle, but a coach consistently reviewing your thought process of why you made a trade, what your emotional state was, target point, etc.  is critical. This constant feedback makes sure you set yourself up to consistently perform on the highest levels possible no matter what the circumstances.



You Have The Choice Between: