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Most traders wonder how they can reach greater success with trading. Maybe they are facing challenges with being disciplined, producing consistent losses rather than profits, or are still figuring out how to find an edge.

They struggle with

    • Lack of discipline such as: Compulsive, impulsive and addictive trading behaviour

    • Poor self-belief in their abilities, especially after a string of losses

    • Poor self-management such as not knowing how to deal with time restrictions

    • Learning how to ‘do things’ in a better way such as how to keep statistics that are meaningful

    • General performance improvement in trading, plain and simple just wanting to take their trading to the next level

    • Personal growth

All Problems Can Be Fixed!

What astounds me is that most traders rather keep losing thousands of dollars than spending a few hundred dollars on a coaching session. If you are ready to let go of the struggle and looking to find a solution for generating greater profits, you have come to the right place. And as you are here now, I would like to invite you to a complimentary 45 min assessment session to experience first hand how trader coaching and training could change your life like it has changed the lives of thousands of traders before you.

psy·chol·o·gy  /sīˈkäləjē/


  1. The scientific study of the human mind and its functions, esp. those affecting behavior in a given context.

  2. The mental characteristics or attitude of a person or group

Trading is a skill and that means that anyone can learn that skill. Trading Psychology is the science of what it takes to succeed in the financial markets.

As Jack Schwager says, if your attitude is not right, your decisions are bad and the quality of your decisions determine how long you live in health, how happy you are in your marriage and how successful you are in your trading.

The questions that traders need to address in order to make better quality decisions in trading is two fold:

1. What stops me from making more profits?

2. What stops me from losing less?

Trading Psychology is the study of why traders behave, think and feel the way they do and more importantly how they can think, feel and behave in such a way that they get what they want from the markets at any stage of their trading career: more profits!

Interestingly enough a lot of traders think that their emotional responses such as frustration, fear, regret, greed etc is based on psychological issues. In my experience however it is in 90% of the cases purely a result of poor self- management and strategies that set the trader up for failure instead of success from the very beginning.

A Trading Psychology Coach is not necessarily a trained psychologist but understands and deals with traders within their trading environment to help them function better and to prevent the development of problems in their trading performance. The great thing is that this often has a massive positive impact on every arena of a trader’s life where they also experience improvement in their relationships, health and of course finances.

We will be talking via Skype and the whole 45 min are totally focused on finding out the blocks that are holding you back from living your dream of the freedom of a successful full time trader; no commitments, no obligations, no sales talk – unless you want to know more.


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