3 Hour Webinar – Winning Traders Money Mindset 26 August 2023

      The Winning Traders Money Mindset

Join us for this 3 Hour Webinar on Saturday 26 August 2023 and Transform Your Money Mindset Into a Trading Powerhouse!

Consistent Trading Success Will Never Be A Factor Of How Much Profits A Trader Makes; Rather It’s Always A Factor Of How The Trader FEELS About The Profits They Make!

Many traders unknowingly battle with a money mindset that severely impacts their trading results. And this is actually good news! Because what that means is that we have identified an area of improvement!

During the 3 hours together we will explore:

  • How transforming your Relationship With Money can remove your invisible glass ceiling and accelerate your trading success!

  • We will dive into your Money Story to find vital clues about your Relationship with Money!

  • How to uncover any Money Mindset Blocks and remove them for good! 

  • Why transforming your Relationship with Money could be the catalyst to finally be able to let your profits run to target and cut your losses immediately!

Join before 15 August 2023 to take advantage of the Early Bird Offer of A$ 99! 

Tuition:  A$ 149 after 15 August 2023

Date: Saturday 26 August 2023

Time: 2pm CEST (Germany)

          8am EST (New York)



The recording will be made available after the event.

And remember … “Every Winning Trader Has A Dark Past And Every Losing Trader Has A Bright Future”