Category: Trading Performance and Psychology

Emotional Pendulum = The Compass To Your Trading Success

We are only as strong as the weakest link in our performance. That’s whilst we should focus on our strengths we also need to learn how to manage our weaknesses. One of my traders from the Prop Trader Training had the experience that after a run of profitable trades the point would come when he …

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New Training coming with Linda Raschke January 2020

A new event is coming soon, scheduled for January 2020 to kick off for an EPIC trading year .. We are working on a format that will be fresh and new for 2020, combining trading,  positive energy, technicals, and coaching mentorship for those who have expressed an interest.  We will be sending information out via …

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Your Trading Success is possible equal to the amount of your EMOTIONAL MATURITY

Happy New Year and let’s make 2019 all it, we and our trading, can be… Many traders tell me how much they love trading and yet they are in so much pain about it. They believe if they can get over of their painful emotions, then they can become disciplined and patient, they will be …

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The Real “Secret” to Discipline and Patience

Are you sitting on the couch watching ‘The Biggest Loser’ work out or do you get off the couch and take on the challenge by doing the workout? (I introduce my new Your Trading Success Program: Fierce 10 Training only in the last 2 min, so if it is not of interest to you, you can …

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Your Trading Success – Fierce 10 Trading Mindset Challenge

To find out more about the 10 week challenge,  click  Fierce 10