Benefits of Working with a Mindset & Performance Coach

“It is the Number 1 Fundamental that we see world wide across every single industry: The Top Performers in ANY Industry wouldn’t get where they are if they didn’t have a coach to teach, guide and push them harder than they are pushing themselves.”

What are the Benefits of Coaching?

1. You could improve your consistency and improve your trading results

I found that most traders know how to trade, they have a 75% to 90% profit loss ratio and yet they still end up in the negative month after month and have to keep topping up the account. Why? Because the few losses they have are so badly managed that they wipe out all the profits and more. In other words, if you battle with being disciplined, taking your profits too early and letting your losses run into the abyss, or if you need to improve the number of your profitable trades, you could immediately save a lot of emotional and financial capital by finding out how to change your behavior and improve your trading strategy. No wonder trading performance and psychology programs have experienced such tremendous growth especially in the professional world of investment banking, proprietary trading groups and banks. It certainly makes financial sense especially when it can be a tax deduction.

2. You will SAVE years and thousands of dollars of trial and error

 No matter the cultural background, gender, age or education, it seems that all traders make the same sort of mistakes. There are usually three main reasons for it: lack of skill of reading and interpreting the markets, decision making process is flawed and / or bad luck.

In our opinion the reason why over 90% of traders never make it is that they are uncomfortable asking for help with their trading challenges. They are willing to lose thousands of dollars and year after year to badly managed trades and to their lack of discipline but find it hard to pay a trading coach to help them find out how to put a stop to this mess.

We think that’s crazy – just straight up crazy. You wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, would you? You would leave that to professionals who have been trained in performing surgery.

Try this: Take a look at your own face. No, not looking in the mirror, just with your own eyes. You can’t, right? But we can look at your face, listen to the words you are saying and understand what is going on for you because we are trained in helping traders to achieve their dreams. That’s why it is always easier to coach others than to coach yourself. That’s why most coaches also have coaches.

3. Trading coaches tell you what you NEED to hear. 

A Trading Coach has a positive influence on your trading performance, because they are your advocate for change, they conspire with the universe to make your dreams possible. Chances are that your family and friends are opinionated and biased about you and your trading; a trading coach will look at you objectively and strive to empower you to take the necessary actions to achieve your goal.

In short, while the people in your life tend to tell you what you want to hear, your trading coach will be honest and tell you what you need to hear to make your trading goals a reality.

4. You do what STAR PERFORMERS do

One outdated stigma is: trading coaching is only for traders who are under-performing or troubled.

On the contrary!

Just like the world’s top athletes such as Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, and the famous basketball player Magic Johnson smart traders seek out trader coaching because they want to stay high performers and whilst they feel satisfied with their results they always look to grow and improve that little bit more each day; so that they can be better tomorrow than they are today.

We work with many professional traders who are performing on a high level already and still work with a coach in order to sustain their level or to get support in reaching the next level of their trading abilities or to sharpen their already existing skills.

Why? Because they can’t see themselves from the back of their eyeballs and it is much easier for an impartial observer to find out which area focused efforts need to be directed to. And trading can be a lonely business, so having a confidant can be very useful in this tough world.

So, by choosing to invest in coaching, you are saying to the world you believe in yourself and your ability to be a star performer!

5. Trading Coaches help you BREAK BAD HABITS.

A good trading coach will never tell you what to do. Instead, they’ll help you identify habits that are holding you back from trading success. Then, they’ll coach you on the actions you could take to learn new, better ways to accomplish your goals, maybe even ways you never considered yourself.

In short, trading coaches teach you how to remove roadblocks to success on your own – ensuring you can do this for yourself both now and in the future.

6. You could get your trading to pay for it – It shows you think like a PROFESSIONAL.

For the longest time, traders have only looked at how much money they have to ‘make’ in trading to pay for their trading coach. But that trend is changing: how much money you could ‘safe’ in losses that will already pay for your coach?

Now is the time to sit down and crunch the numbers and consider budgeting for trading coaching services as part of your trading business. With all the surveys showing the positive impact it has, there’s a good chance you may see value in  your trading coach very quickly.

Some professional trading institutions (banks, proprietary firms, money managers) will pay as much as $5,000/day for a particular coach.


That’s too rich for our blood, but it goes on to say most personal coaches charge a monthly retainer between $500 to $2,000 a month.

What this means is either there are a lot of really silly executives wasting their money on coaching each month or they are getting results that makes them feel it’s worth the investment.

7. It doesn’t take up a lot of TIME.

Many people assume trading coaching is like working out, you need to do it daily to see any results.

Not true!

Good coaches understand you need to work professional development into your schedule. 20% theory and 80% action! Moreover, studies show just a few hours/month can have a huge impact. Best practices in trading coaching call for between two and four sessions per month that last at least 60 minutes and up to 90 minutes.

A sweet spot for many coaches and clients seems to be three sessions per month for 60 to 90 minutes a session – a minuscule investment of time for the results achieved.

8. You’ll have more POSITIVITY in your life.

Trading coaches are trained to focus on positive outcomes and results! They are a source of motivation and inspiration; especially when times get tough. They tailor their efforts to help you achieve your goals. Since no two traders are the same, seeing a private trading coach ensures you are getting assistance that speaks to your wants and needs – not someone else’s.

More importantly, it’s been proven the best way to get what you want is to surround yourself with positive people. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with family and friends. So, hiring a trading coach ensures you’ve got at least one positive influence in your life!

9. Your relationships will IMPROVE.

In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) we say, ‘How you do one thing, you do everything’. Often there is a parallel between the emotions traders feel in their trading and the emotions traders experience in their close relationships.

The feedback that we commonly receive from our coaching clients is that they don’t only have breakthroughs in their trading but they also see a significant improvement in their relationships and overall quality of life.

10.  You deserve BETTER in your trading career.

Forget the big lofty lifestyle dreams for a second and just ask yourself, “Do I deserve better?” If the voice in your head says, “Yes!” then you need to take action.

Let’s face it: There is no greater career satisfaction than trading, you would have given up by now. So, why not give yourself some well-deserved support that will help you get what you want and deserve.

Chances are that you will spend at least half of your waking lives at trading – isn’t it time you felt good about your trading career?

So, get in touch with us here and find out if and how coaching can change your trading results once and for all too.

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