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The Lies They Tell Us..

Who Is Keeping You Accountable For Your Trading Losses?

Hi Traders, Yesterday I had a conversation with a trader and I thought it might be useful for you too. If you would like to join Airplane Jane ( and myself for the 6 week Day Trading & Psychology Training, you can find more info here … Hope it is useful for you With a …

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Free Day Trading Webinar 30 October 2016 EST (New York Time)

Join Airplane Jane from and myself for this Free Day Trading Q & A Webinar. and here is the recording: If you would like to join us for the 6 week Day Trading – Psychology Training, please click here. (  

The Helpless but Determined Trader

Join us for this 6 week Day Trading Psychology Program starting 13th November 2016 (New York Time) to find out more, click here   Following is an article I recently wrote for the Your Trading Edge Magazine The Helpless But Determined Trader Luke: “I can’t believe it” Yoda: “That is why you fail”. If you …

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The No 1 Thing Successful Traders Do Differently

“The fear of losing money is the number one reason people lose money” John Templeton. 2010 was a challenging year for me – for personal reasons, and it had a harrowing affect on my trading performance. One of the best tools my mentor Steve Ward from High Performance Global gave me in 2010, was introducing the …

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