All Of Your Stuff Is Okay..

From the wonderful Matthew Church.. on a sad day like today, another terror attack in London, a little bit of gentleness will do us all good.. xx

All of your ‘stuff’ is okay. 🙂

Consider this your friendly reminder… you’re wonderful. All of ‘you’ is wonderful.

The fear.
The tears.
The strength.
The fortitude.
The gratitude.
The arrogance.
The ego.
The bullshit.
The stories.
The ‘f*ck you’ moments.
The joy.
The uncertainty.
The complete certainty.
The learning.
The mistakes.

All of it… is all good.

Shit will happen – whatever ‘mission’ you’re on (for now, it’s changes, and that’s okay too).

It’s all micro, in the scheme of things.

Oceans rise. Empires fall.
And, you will be okay. <3

Embrace the presence of it all. ESPECIALLY for men. No ‘stoic is strong’ (it’s not) ‘I am on mission’ (whatever that means) ‘I am emotionally consistent’ (you’re not, nobody is) ‘I don’t have time to feel this’ (you do) ‘the pain is good’ (the pain isn’t anything, it just ‘is’).

You’re all good.

Have a cry in the bathroom in the office (I did), pick yourself up (and dust off the hairs without wondering whose they are or where they came from), fix your hair (it looks great, by the way), check your eyes (don’t worry, nobody can tell) and keep moving.