Beware of Etrade Account Hackers

In case you haven’t heard about it as yet that there is a security breach for E-Trade Trading accounts!

“ASIC believes the attacks are organised, but has yet to determine how the hackers are obtaining client’s passwords. The hackers pillage the accounts by engaging in trades that lose clients money. ASIC is co-operating with international authorities to trace preceeds reaped by the other party in … ” unfortunately I can’t read the rest of the article anymore sorry…!!!

Well, it could also be a great excuse for my not so flash performance last week!! It wasn’t me who had that losing trade, it was those hackers! Really! I swear! 🙂

The Problem is that e-Trade says it is the responsibility of the account holder to keep passwords safe and will not reimburse any losses caused by this security breach…

Wish you all a fabulous Australia Day and yes, Gung Hey Fat Choi – Happy Chinese New Year