Charts Never Lie

This was my newsletter from May 18, 2012:

Hello Traders,

Once again it’s been working like clockwork and I hope you all were well prepared with David Hunt’s mass pressure chart  in my last newsletter and also Larry Pesavento’s analysis ( Below I will explain how I analysed the market and knew it was time to short like a worldchampion.

But first I’d like to introduce you to


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I can confidently highly recommend even his free live webinars, there are lots of useful tricks and tips on how to analyse the markets you can pick up here:

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“Dear Traders,

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Nick McDonald
Head Trader & Founder

Why Charts Never Lie

 For us technical analysts this down move in the market comes to no surprise. Just like in 2008 once again the charts were almost yelling it out to the world! The daily CBA chart displays a textbook double top action, the daily NAB chart is setting up for a nice Head and Shoulders formation, RIO dropped out of a beautiful wedge formation in a triple top action. If you can’t see it clearly email me and I will send you the charts with explanations.


The Dow Jones showed a much clearer topping formation than the XJO so that was my cue to short. You can see on the weekly chart we had a textbook entry triggered. Those of you who have attended my Live Market Analysis courses in the past will recognise this:



1. bigger picture chart formation: double top

2. smaller picture candle formation: bearish engulfing on second top

3. Stochastics: strong bearish divergence

4. breach of strong support area (orange line)

and then of course mass pressure chart dates were spot on once again…

The XJO though didn’t show as clear of a picture that’s why I like to use correlated markets as a secondary indicator as well.

I  hope you also enjoy Nick’s work and get lots of light bulb moments during Steve’s webinar too.

Here is the link for you to watch the recording:

TWP Webinar Recording Link

Let me know how you go, okay?


With a toast to your trading profits


Mandi Pour Rafsendjani