A Simple Way To Boost Good Trading Discipline

The quality of your decisions and the level of your discipline determine how long you live healthily, how happy you are in your marriage and how successful you are in your trading.

Many traders attempt to be disciplined by sheer willpower. But most brains are not set up for the level of willpower that is required to consistently resist the temptation of giving in to the strong pull of emotions in trading.

Whilst most traders still try to force willpower upon themselves they discount that a major contributing factor is a lack of nutrient rich meals, lack of water and too much coffee and due to the stresses of today’s world most traders I speak with battle with a lack of good quality sleep.

So, why is it is important to keep the blood sugar levels healthy with high quality nutrition and water?

Well, when your blood sugar is low the blood flow to your brain goes low and that affects judgement.

Want some proof? Just think back, have you ever said something that you wish you wouldn’t have said when you were hungry? What are little children like when they are tired and / or hungry? What do you think if the blood flow to your brain is low, are your trading decisions better or worse?

A nutritionally out of balance brain makes for bad decisions and could not only have to do with the 50% divorce rate but also for the widespread lack of trading discipline. Find out how your body functions best. There are many different schools of thought out there and since I am not a scientist I have no clue which one is the right one. But what I have figured out over the years is what my brain needs in order to perform like an elite athlete.