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The Man In The Green Bathrobe

Behavioural Finance  A sneak peak into Behavioural Biases that if not made consciously aware of will unconsciously trick traders into making imprudent trading decisions that can lead to losses. Professor Richard Thaler is one of the leading figures in the Behavioral Finance academic world and has been credited with the term “Mental Accounting”. Here is …

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Trading Psychology Webinar for TD365

This is a Trading Psychology Webinar I held for TradeDirect 365 in December 2013. Unfortunately the sound quality is a bit faint. We had the technology gremlins playing tricks on us.. Hope it is still useful for you. [vsw id=”MumhP1TBC6A” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Trading With The Brain In Mind

Steve Ward on “Self Awareness through Mindfulness” in Trading during the FXstreet International Traders Conference (ITS) in Barcelona:   Obviously I had heard about mindfulness but never in the context of trading. When Steve introduced me to the concept and the benefits in trading pretty much at the beginning of our coaching journey, I wasn’t …

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Are our trading decisions impacted by subliminal messages?

I have been a fan of Derren Brown for a number of years now. His skill of ‘playing’ with the human mind and the subconscious are just fascinating to me. This clip about subliminal advertising and how he is able to manipulate those guy’s thinking patterns makes me wonder in how far traders are at …

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Regret Aversion Bias

“People exhibiting regret aversion avoid taking decisive actions because they fear that, in hindsight, whatever course they select will prove less than optimal. Basically, this bias seeks to forestall the pain of regret associated with poor decision-making. It is a cognitive phenomenon that often arises in traders, causing them to hold onto losing positions for …

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