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One Explanation Why Traders Don’t Take Their Profits

Evolution has equipped us with many automatic survival mechanisms called instincts. For example, we apply mental shortcuts as a subconscious survival mechanism to¬†help the brain expedite it’s decision-making and information processing. The brain performs this task by selecting an initial reference point and then basing it’s decisions around that point. One example for such a …

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Solution Focused

It should only be talked about if the talking will make you feel better. It is of no value, ever, to activate and talk about something that doesn’t feel good, because it reactivates it in your vibration; it makes it another point of your point of attraction so you’re less clear. In other words, when …

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A Simple Way To Boost Good Trading Discipline

The quality of your decisions and the level of your discipline determine how long you live healthily, how happy you are in your marriage and how successful you are in your trading. Many traders attempt to be disciplined by sheer willpower. But most brains are not set up for the level of willpower that is …

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